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MARP BANGLADESH is One stop solution for your any agricultural needs . Our Head Office situated in DHAKA and Our Divisional Offices are located in JESSORE, RAJSHAHI, RANGPUR and MYMENSINGH. We're conveniently located to all of our facilities and close to our farmers, allowing us to monitor our agricultural products from the grove direct to your door. MARP BANGLADESH was established by AGRONOMIST MUSTAFA ABDUR RAHMAN PAIKER in 2000 with his vision which has today lead MARP BANGLADESH to Such a level. Presently being in the local market, we assure our customers for an unmatched quality of their products. It is an innovative effort aimed at empowering farmers and meeting the needs of rural households by providing access to agricultural products, services and consultancy. Established in the countryside, We offers: 1. Quality inputs ( Fertilizers, P G R, Pesticides & Irrigation items) 2. Agronomic services with teams of extension workers and agronomists like soil testing, crop inspection, weather forecasts etc. 3. Access to output markets by helping farms produce buyback opportunities, commodity trading 5. Information (new development and research in agriculture, government schemes and subsidies, market prices etc.) We have a sufficient manpower and other experts who are best in their work so that we can serve you in the best manner. The Company handles all aspects of plantation from Acquisition to Management. It also has the resources to pool in experts in the different aspects of Agriculture for the different Crops on a needed basis. The company's associate's covers all aspects of plantation development contracts, establishment of nurseries, planting of cash crops, supply of Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Plant Growth Regulator ( P G R ).

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